Steiner in new light

Everyone has an opinion on Steiner pedagogics. Bright colours, encouragement of creativity, eurhythmy… But Rudolf Steiner was much more than the father of Waldorf schools and new kind of education. A large exhibition “Feel the Spirit” in the Espoo Museum of Modern Art shows other dimensions of his talent, too.


I knew Steiner’s ideological background as anthroposophist, but was stunned by his work in architecture and design. His part of the exhibition is called “Designer of the Everyday”, because Steiner was interested in shaping and designing furniture and interiors.

Appropriately, the information screen of a modern museum is interactive and dynamic.

In addition to the works of Steiner himself you can see several paintings by his contemporary Hilma af Klint. Her art was inspired by theosophical movement, and she was one of the first abstract painters. There are also works by a few modern artists, who have been inspired by anthroposophy, organic design and the shapes and colours of the early abstract artists.

Steiner died in 1925, so his works are no longer protected by copyright. However, the producer of this exhibition, Vitra Design Museum, has strictly forbidden photographing. So you will have to go and see it yourselves!







The event I attended:

Exhibition ”Feel the Spirit!” in EMMA (Espoo Museum of Modern Art), located in Tapiola, Espoo on 26 February 2014.


Yksi ajatus artikkelista “Steiner in new light


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