Feast of music in Paris

While Finns were celebrating Midsummer tormented by hails, rain and snow, the French enjoyed thousands of free music performances in sunny streets and parks. Since 1982, “La Fête de la musique” provides concerts on 21 June all over France. The genres range from rap to classical music, the artists from young amateurs to international stars.


Paris Jazz Festival, Parc Floral, 22 June 2014

Being a Saturday this year, the Fête coincided with Paris Jazz festival, whose concerts are held during June weekends in Parc Floral for just the cost of the entrance fee of 5.50€.

I did not know much about Cody ChesnuTT, so this was a great opportunity to hear and see him live. In addition to some older music, he sang many songs from his latest album, like That’s Still Mama and the sugary piece Love is More Than a Wedding Day, which became more moving by the story behind the lyrics. This helmet-headed soul troubadour impressed me with his stage skills. The music is catching, the lyrics consist of tiny stories, often with social thematics, and he interacts beautifully with the audience.


The seats of the concert venue were mostly occupied by middle aged listeners, but in the background younger fans knew moved happily to the groovy rhythms singing along.

We will have an opportunity to see Cody ChesnuTT live in Helsinki on 9 July, as he and his band will climb onto the stage before legendary Stevie Wonder.


After admiring bonsai trees and flowers of this beautiful park, our small group took a bus towards northern arrondissements. We saw and heard glimpses of rapping, reggae and modern punk during this late afternoon ride.

Our Fête ended on Abbesses square, Montmartre, where an energetic band, evidently called Cotonet, filled the warm summer night with its funky music. A great way to spend Midsummer in Paris!



The event I attended: Cody ChesnuTT at Parc Floral, Paris on 21 June, 2014. Cody ChesnuTT (Vocals), Tim Sandiford (Guitar), Samuel Odiwe (Bass), Michael Osbourne (Drums), Dan Bingham (Keyboards).

The concert was part of Paris Jazz Festival and took place on the date of the French Day of Music “Fête de la Musique”.





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